Gegga • Helga Birgisdóttir • Skipasund 38, 104 Reykjavík • Sími 898 0778 •
Gegga • Helga Birgisdóttir • Skipasund 38, 104 Reykjavík • Sími 898 0778 • • Hönnun TrT
My passion is to help you bring out your powerful creator, with a smile
To do that I use my art, write books  and talk to groups
Solo Exhibitions
2010 Acrylpaintings , Anas, Hafnarfjordur, Iceland
2009 Exhibition in Art studio Geggu
2009 Acrylpaintings, Cafe Loki Reykjavik
2008 New life from Japan , Kirsuberjatréð Reykjavík
2008 Liveliness in the flow , acryl, Kaffi Tár, Reykjanesbæ
2008 So let´s stick together, The Shigaraki Ceramic
Cultural Park, Japan
2007 Acryl paintings, Thorvaldsensbar, Reykjavík, Iceland
2007 Acryl paintings, Stígamót, Reykjavík
2006 Acryl paintings, Galleri Lind, Kópavogur, Iceland
2005 Acryl paintings, Ráðhús kaffi, Reykjavík, Iceland
2004 Texture of the lights, Café Rosenberg, Reykjavík, Iceland
2004 Ceramic, Árbæjarsafn, Reykjavík, Iceland
2001 Human Breeding, Landspitali University Hospital, Iceland
2001 Bunadarbanki´s show-window, Reykjavik, Iceland
Group Exhibitons
2011 Exhibition, Korpa. Reykjavík
2011 Designmars, Kaolin, Reykjavik
2010 Ashes in boxes , Box Akureyri
2010 Hanging, Designmarch, Reykjavík
2009 Ashes in box, Exhibitionhall at Mosfellsbær
2007 City hall market, Handcraft and Design
2007 Vösumst, Ketilhúsinu, Akureyri
2007 Cups, Kaffitár at Kringlan, Reykjavík, Iceland
2006 City hall market, Handcraft and Design
2006 Life in Clay Exhibition, Hafnarborg, Hafnarfjordur, Iceland
2005 Exhibition, Gullkistan, Laugarvatn, Iceland
2004 Exhibition, Handcraft and Design, Reykjavík, Iceland
2004 Exhibition, Museum of Art in Hveragerdi, Iceland
2003 Exhibition, Handcraft and Design, Reykjavík, Iceland
2002 Christmas Exhibition, Handcraft and Design,
Reykjavík, Iceland
2002 Cups, SIM, Reykjavík, Iceland
2002 Nordic Network, Gallerí Reykjavík, Iceland
2002 Nordic Network, Keramikmuseet Grimmerhus, Denmark
2001 Nordic Network, Guldagergaard, Denmark
2001 Life and death, Exhibition hall Man, Reykjavik, Iceland
2001 Human breeding, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Iceland
2000 O point, Selid, Gallery Reykjavik, Iceland
2000 Bunadarbanki Islands, Exhibition, Hafnarborg
Hafnarfjördur, Iceland
2000 Flaming Art, Reykjavik Culture City,
Europe 2000, Iceland
2000 Whom I loved most, The House of
Administration, Budardalur,Iceland
Gegga / Helga Birgisdóttir
is an active Icelandic artist, a creator and a smiler! She is very
versatile in her art and she works with paintings, sculptures and functional objects. She has
participated in many groups as well as solo exhibitions in Iceland and abroad. Influences
from her former occupation as a midwife can be seen in her art as her
focus is on love and the creation of life
 believes we are all designers – creators of our life and experience. We all have the
tools; thoughts, words and actions – and endless possibilities. To be aware of our strength
and power is a great gift that changes our lifes in the direction we choose. Everyone
understands a SMILE – it is without borders, doesn’t need a language and is a sign of love
– all over the world. The smiler received  document of recognition at EUWIIN 2011,  the
European Union Women Innovators & Inventors Network. Gegga is writing a book about the
philosophy behind the smiler. Information about it will come later on this site
2001 BA examine from the Ceramic department in
Iceland Academy of the Arts
1993-1996 various courses in The Reykjavik School of Art
1988 Graduated from The Midwifery School of Iceland
1981 Graduated from The Nursing School of Iceland
Workshop and Courses
2008 - 2009 Workshop with Neale Donald Walsch ,
Conversations with God
2008 Artist in residence, Shigaraki Ceramic
Cultural Park , Japan
2006 Course in glass fusing, Detlef Tanz, Iceland
2001 Nordic Network 2001, Guldagergaard,
Skælskör, Denmark
2000 International Ceramic Centre, Kescemet Hungary
2000 Assistant at exhibition in Iceland nature for Dale Chihuly
1999 Academy of Arts Architecture and Design, Prague,
Czech Republic
Special Works
2011 Planner for exhibitions for
The Ceramic Association of Iceland
2011 Lecture for Directorate of labour in Iceland
2011 Sculptures for the ÖBÍ society
2010 - Owner of Kaolin gallery
2010 Administer visiting of Neale Donald Walsch
to Iceland - Best seller writer of Conversations With God
2007 Sculpture for The Icelandic blood donor's society
2004 Logo for Nordisk congress NJF
SÍM (The Association of Icelandic Artists) from 2002
The Ceramic Association of Iceland from 2002
The Icelandic Midwifes Association from 1988
The Icelandic Nursing Association 1981-1988
Private non-profit Institution Craft and Design
(Handverk og hönnun) from 2007
FKA (The Icelandic Association of Woman
Enterpreneurs) from 2010
Midwife / Nurse
HNLFÍ 2009 - 2011
The Red Cross Hotel, Reykjavik 2002 - 2008
Sykehus Fyn, Svendborg, Denmark 1997
Landspítali University Hospital 1981 - 1997
The Health Care Centre Asparfelli, Reykjavik 1984
Places where you can buy: (Studio) Gegga Tel - 354 8980778,  Skipasund 38, Reykjavík